Uber Says It Was Likely Hacked by Teenage Hacker Gang LAPSUS$

The company also cleared up how the hacker was able to get around multi-factor authentication.

Uber has published additional information about how it was hacked, claiming that it was targeted by LAPSUS$, a cybercriminal gang with a hefty track record that is thought to be composed largely of teenagers.

Last week, someone broke into Uber’s network and used the access to cause all sorts of chaos.

The culprit, who claims to be 18 years old, managed to spam company staff with vulgar Slack messages, post a picture of a penis on the company’s internal websites, and leak images of Uber’s internal environment to the web.

In particular, the company has released more information about how it was hacked, largely confirming an account made by the hacker themself.

The gang has continued to be active, however, as this recent episode appears to demonstrate.

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