Shamshera Bollywood's Attempt to Copy Baahubali Totally Fails

Both Bollywood and Telugu film underwent significant changes as a result of Baahubali.

It changed the way people began watching movies.

Another one of these movies is this week's release, Shamshera from Yash Raj Films, starring Ranbir Kapoor.

The story of the film is similar to that of Baahubali in that it centres on a son returning to exact revenge for the death of his father and rescue his slave population from the evil hands.

The movie also features a mother-related storyline, a romantic water song, and a hero-loyal character named Katappa.

Bollywood needs to understand that a director of Rajamouli's brilliance is still missing. There is now no Bollywood director with the same vision and conviction as SS Rajamouli.

Additionally, Ranbir Kapoor cannot compete with Prabhas. Ranbir is a good actor, but you need a gorgeous person for movies like these.

Numerous reviewers also object to the fact that Shamshera and KGF both draw heavily on each other, in addition to Baahubali.

It is past time for Bollywood to see its full potential and develop creative story concepts that can compete in some way with South mass productions.