Seven Eggless But Protein-Rich Breakfast Recipes to Boost Your Morning

By Sandesh

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Good sources of protein are necessary for a healthy and active lifestyle. Despite being a fantastic source of protein, eggs pose a problem for vegetarians and vegans. But don't worry; we've got seven high-protein, eggless breakfast alternatives to keep you going all morning.

ideas for a no-egg breakfast

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About 12 grammes of protein can be found in this vegan omelette, which is cooked with chickpea flour, your choice of vegetables, and nutritional yeast.

omelette with chickpeas

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With rolled oats, milk, chia seeds, and vanilla protein powder, overnight oats are a simple and protein-rich breakfast. Around 20 grammes of protein are present in one serving.

Oatmeal overnight

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Scrambled tofu is a scrambled egg alternative that is low in fat and high in protein (around 16 grammes per serving). The process is almost same to making scrambled eggs. Any type of vegetable can be added to it.

Uncooked tofu

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You can consume two delicious pancakes to meet your daily protein requirements. These protein-rich pancakes are made with oat flour and non-dairy milk (approximately 15 grams).

Oat pancakes

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Moong dal, urad dal, cumin seeds, chilies, ginger, turmeric, and salt are ground to form the cheela batter, which has 13 grammes of protein. Grated cottage cheese, salt, tomatoes, onions that have been finely diced, and chaat masala go together to make the filling.

Paneer moong dal cheela with stuffing

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One serving of this gluten-free breakfast has roughly 10 grammes of protein. Only the flattened rice must be swapped out for quinoa when making the recipe exactly like the traditional Maharashtrian breakfast.

Poha quinoa

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