Patrick Mahomes' Wife Is Angry With Shocking Story

On Friday, The Kansas City Star printed an opinion piece on Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. It was not a generous piece.

The heading for this opinion piece from The Kansas City Star says "The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes always keeps his eye out for himself."

Mahomes' wife, Brittany, responded to this report on Twitter. She's not thrilled about it, and for good cause.

"Y'all are really ignorant for this," she tweeted. "Kansas City is does not do this to it's people, what a joke you guys are."

It's one thing for the rest of the NFL world to call out Mahomes' showy playing style. When a news outlet based in Kansas City does that, that's a horrible look.

In such a short amount of time, Mahomes has solidified his place as the most entertaining player that Kansas City has ever seen. He has also managed to achieve that without generating any unfavourable headlines.

Mahomes has not yet replied to this story.

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