NFL World Responds To Humiliating Russell Wilson News

The Denver Horses got the success on Sunday, yet their star quarterback, Russell Wilson, got savaged quite severe with virtual entertainment

Denver had a quite difficult stretch on offense on Sunday, with the Horses star quarterback and his unit getting booed quite hard all through the game.

During the game, one sportsbook uncovered another bet for Wilson and his MVP chances.

"RUSS IS COOKED Russell Wilson has played so ineffectively to begin the season that we're giving a FREE Wagered to each and every individual who put down a bet on Russ to win MVP!" PointsBet tweeted.

Yowser! "This is so cold… " one fan composed. "That is entertaining," one fan added. "Do this for the Bengals," another fan added.

The Horses, in the mean time, figured out how to improve to 1-1 on the season with the success.

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